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People do stupid things. Sometimes they take photos to remember those things by, sometimes they even send those photos further. Need I say more? Your quest is simple: help those who wish they'd never sent or even taken the photos. Your reward even simpler: said pictures. Interested? Enter the chat and take your commissions.

Good luck, Hkr.


Dear Dudes and Dudettes!

I made a game! A games with titties in it! I hope you'll enjoy playing it and leave some feedback in the comment section. This is the first ever nude game I've made so please take that into consideration and go easy on me. I am planning on developing the game, both graphically and gameplay-wise when I have the time and probably better skills.

Game itself is pretty simple: click on the spider-webby-looking icon to choose a mission - there are five at the moment - then you can either wait and read the conversation or go straight to the playing part by clicking DO IT button.

The playing part's goal is to go up-up-up in the given 60 seconds. You will bump into 5 different interactibles:

FIRE - it will damage you with 25 hp loss

HEAL - it will give you 25 hp (you can have more than 100 hp, but no less than 25 or you'll die)

SPEED UP - will give you +1 to speed (there's no limit up)

SPEED DOWN - will slow you down by 1 (0 means you can no longer move, basically)

UNLOCK IMAGE LINE - you can't really miss it. It's a pink line that will unlock one picture per line crossed. Crossing all three lines per level will unlock 4 pictures: the forth being your payment for completing the commission.

See, simple, right? When you want to see your unlocked pictures and rewards, click the folder icon in the main menu. There's a list with all the pictures you can and have unlocked so far, there are 20 in total.

Don't want to download this game but still want  to play it? Give Newgrounds a go:


Stay safe and awesome!


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I would love to be able to play, but when I went to download, the download icon was the old internet explorer icon, and any file that I download with that never works.

No photos are showing up.

Fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!