First update ever, sale announcement!

As this is my very first game published ever, I've never really done any updates which makes today that much more special. That said I have to tell you something...

  • Firstly, I poked around the code and Unity to find the reason for the music error happening and was able to somehow minimise the frequency of it taking place. I won't lie, I still don't know what causes it at all but I hope that once my Mentor comes back, he'll shine some wisdom upon me and help me eradicate this silly bug for good.
  • Secondly, I put a new story in the update! I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm planning on putting 4 more in the future, so stay tuned and look out for those to come out!
  • Thirdly, I reorganised the menu a little to both make it look better, and work better. It will now be more flexible when it comes to translating Victorian Debutante to other languages (I'm already testing it with Polish) and those pretty menu alternatives I've mentioned on the roadmap.

I'm pretty proud of myself, to be honest. I'm feeling like an actual game developer, and a good one, at that! Not because my creation is perfect but because I listen to what players say and try to better the game the best I can.

About that sale though!

I almost went on my devving and forgot about the sale! I'm planning to put Victorian Debutante on a little sale for the first week of September and make returning to school, uni, or work this much sweeter. I will remind you about the sale in my next announcement and on the last day of it, so you remember to buy it, for you or your friends!

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